Unmatched Services, Single Point of Contact

Flexibility and Scale

With access to all the big, small and medium players we are able to be carrier agnostic. We are also able, through combined scale, to negotiate the best rates and terms in the industry — that includes making changes when it benefits our client.

Unwavering Attention

Our attention is on you, and the provider’s attention is on us. Our commitment to service extends from initial discussions to looking to your organization’s future requirements and possibilities. Our carriers know this, and you can depend on it.

How We Bring Value

Save Money While Leveraging Best-in-Class
Solutions and Management

Risk-Free Telecom & Cloud Audits

Your needs change. Industries change. What’s available changes. We use unobtrusive audits of your solution portfolio to ensure you have the best options for your budget.

Access Off-Book Rates

Partnership has its advantages. One is being in a negotiation position where we champion preferential agreements for our network of clientele — businesses like yours.

Vendor Neutral and Expansive

More choice. More options. More say. Our relationships, and scale, allow us to pick and choose, combine inspiredly and select what works for the challenges of our client.

Single Point of Contact

Your Rolodex (support contact list) can be extremely short…like a single number, chat or email! Our support is ready, experienced and standing by to assist with your request.

Best-In-Class Business Technology Solutions


Cloud Computing

Moving to the cloud provides so much flexibility and scalability. CloudShift can assess your needs and present organizational options — whether a wholesale move to the cloud or a scaled response makes the most sense for your unique situation.


Data is your greatest asset. Companies need it to function, both in front and behind the scenes. This value makes it a target. Keeping the integrity of your Data and Network is crucial, as attackers become sophisticated, so have our defensive options.

Mobility & IoT & AI

The expansion of mobility bandwidth, integration of smart devices (Internet of Things, IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) have the ability to transform your organizations approach to business — from how it operates to servicing customers.


Release your network hardware and take advantage of the flexibility afforded by the latest SD-WAN systems. By creating a virtualized control, you can work smarter, faster and at a lower cost. Deploy updates faster. Expand your capability. Improve security.

Contact Center & CX

“Calling” has come of age — with unprecedented levels of support, intelligence and engagement. Live chat and chat bots. Analysis. CRM integration. Whole system integration with call routing, recording and outboard dialer. Contact is king.

Managed Services

Incorporating Managed Services into your organization has a number of benefits, from ensuring technology is always at the forefront to freeing in-house resources to tackling more pressing requests. We offer the solutions, and flexibility, you need.

Network & Voice

Today, every company is in the business of data. The integrity, speed and capacity of your network, and voice capability, should never be in question — from hardware and transmission to wifi and support when necessary, we have you covered.

UC & Collaboration

The remote workplace quickly moved from a perk to a necessity. The nimble nature that it allows is celebrated, while failure is vilified. You have options that we have explored, validated, and deployed, ensuring they are seamless, secure and affordable.

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At CloudShift we look for ways to assist the people and companies we work with — from auditing solution sets for optimal performance to making sure monetary surprises are the good kind. It’s almost like having a protection insurance policy. Schedule a Meeting Today!