Mobility & IoT & AI

Mobility, Alternative Access, Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning (AI/ML)

This new frontier already has billions of devices deployed — from the staple phones and tablets to embedded sensors, software, and smart devices that are constantly and consistently providing vital data. Some are very simple, while others contain limited AI for vital functions with minimal oversight. This is not just an exciting new world of tech; this is an exciting new world!

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Mobility More Than Phones

Mobility More Than Phones

For connected devices that you can’t plug a wire into, you’re potentially looking at a mobility solution. Of course, some mobile solutions also give you the option to insert a device that replaces the long run of wire, with powerful economic and functional benefits.

Internet of Things (Smart Devices)

Retail sensors measuring foot traffic. Healthcare-connected devices. Restaurant temp sensors. Highway seismic sensors tracking traffic load. Apple AirTags. IoT implementation can ensure we get more information, when needed, with less hassle and more benefits.

Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning

We’re still chasing true autonomous AI, where a system learns and works on its own free of oversight. AI is often mistaken for Machine Learning, where high-quality information leads to predictive capabilities and grows more accurate as it “learns” over time.

Sourcing, Design, Proof of Concept

You can find off-the-shelf IoT tech or design, test, and have it built. An interesting fact: 60% of IoT fails in the Proof of Concept (POC) stage, which makes a strong argument for using pre-built solutions or choosing tried-and-true developers when possible.

Deployment & Management

What was once the domain of in-house IT departments everywhere is now routinely outsourced/delivered as a service. Organizations choose to have pre-configured, ready-out-of-the-box solutions that ship directly to the user, with long-term device management.

POTS Replacement

With many copper networks being retired, mobile/smart POTS replacement solutions not only take the place of their tried-and-true predecessors, but they can also often be a cost-saving upgrade, with more capability, visibility, and confidence due to planned failover.

Continuity — Backup Connection

This may be the cheapest insurance policy you ever purchase, whether it’s to replace a circuit should it fail or as part of your SD-WAN solution to provide paths for data to flow optimally. Consider the options and implement your “mix” for best results.

Fixed Wireless

Adopt your own fixed wireless option or take advantage of fixed wireless networks that are available in many major cities. This may not be your primary mode of connection, but it could definitely service a single-purpose device or be part of a large strategy.

The Providers That Drive a Premier Mobility and IoT Solution Approach

Our Featured Providers

AT&T is the largest telecommunications company, second largest provider of mobile telephone services, and the largest provider of fixed telephone services in the United States. AT&T began as Southwestern Bell Telephone Company, one of seven Regional Bell Operating Companies (RBOC) created in 1982 in the divestiture of the American Telephone and Telegraph Company. The AT&T Alliance Channel works with Solution Providers to offer the full range of AT&T’s industry-leading portfolio. Solution Providers can use the power of the AT&T brand to generate business growth and help customers accelerate their digital evolution.
MetTel is a leading provider and aggregator best known for being the country's largest Mobility wholesaler, as well as a top partner of VeloCloud which offers a Gartner-recognized SD-WAN platform. By converging all communications over a proprietary network, MetTel enables companies to easily deploy and manage an entire international network comprised of Connectivity, Collaboration, Cloud, Mobility, Backup, Security, and Managed IT solutions for clients. They enable their customers to monitor and manage all of their services and expenses through a single-pane-of-glass portal. MetTel's 25 years of operation have enabled them to cultivate an award-winning customer care and support team. The company is uniquely vetted and approved by the federal government and high-profile enterprise companies; their average.
For2Fi is dedicated to providing business owners with reliable, affordable, and efficient telecommunications and IT solutions. They are able to help customers achieve easy team communications and access 5G, 4G/LTE, and IoT data with major networks whenever and wherever it’s needed. For2Fi uses the latest technology and specializes in providing companies that don’t qualify for cable or fiber with fast and reliable internet access. They also offer organizations a range of solutions, including no contracts, managed 4G/LTE data plans with major networks, managed 5G data plans with all national carriers, pooled data plans across all carriers, managed IoT solutions, and plug-and-play pre-configured devices.
CloudShift has access to the full portfolio of 106+ Data, Voice, and Network solution Providers — including leading providers DYOPATH, Epic IO, Fusion Connect, Nexogy, Ooma, PhoenixNAP, TPx, Verizon, Vonage, Windstream Enterprise, WiredIQ, and Zultys. For help navigating your way through the process, while discovering the best provider(s) solutions available to meet your client’s requirements, simply contact our Sales Engineering Team!

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